Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wouldn't You Know

I have been back for one week now. And the last week has been extremely crazy.

Adjustment has been quicker than expected. But, I haven't gone back to school; so, I don't know if I will go crazy seeing all of my friends, or if I will just be nonchalant about it. Returning to Geneva is a crazy thought. I haven't seen it since May, and it is really my home. Yet, I have to face some pretty shitty things when I go back. I have to make amends with those I have hurt, and I have to bring my life back to the track it belongs. It will either be a long, excruciating process or a quick, clean one. Or, it will be a long, sweet run or a short, nasty fight. Either way, I am not looking forward to confronting a tough past, especially a past overshadowed by sin and confusion. Without amends, though, my heart will never be truly free.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to seeing Chris, Ben, Dan, Russ, Jason, Jeremy, and etc. I've also heard that the new coffee shop is doing well, and I am anxious to try out their non-coffee flavours.

I just bought 22 books for next semester. The price tag: $240. Thank God for the internet (had I bought the books at Geneva for half price I would of spent over 400 dollars). The classes are Darwinism and Its Discontents, U.S. Immigration, Latin America History, Aristotle, Philosophy of World Religions, and Calvin's Institutes. You will be able to find me in the library, haha.

'Tis the season of death. Sounds blunt, apathetic, and morbid; but it's true. On December 21st, one of my close friends from Erie passed away. He was only 21 years old; in fact, he was only a day older than I. He was passing a football with his brother. His brother threw the ball and he caught it. He fell and didn't get back up. I didn't even get to say goodbye properly. I am still in shock. The funeral was long and filled with intense emotions, yet, it was honoring and glorifying to God. He was a Christian. Then, a lady, who used to attend First Baptist, passed away. My family went to the viewing. James Brown died. Gerald Ford died. Death is everywhere, but still, I do not fear it. My respect for it has grown. Concern for those who have died has risen and hope for those who are dying has been placed on my heart. Hell is inevitable; I just wish people didn't have to go there. Death causes me to think of those who will never know eternal life and peace.

Aight and Night,
Christian Eriksson

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Jason said...

I would be interested in being in a film, Christian.

And good post. I'm glad that you'll be back here soon.